The NWNC is working to improve the quality of life for everyone in our neighborhood by providing a forum for discussions, opportunities for participation, and an organized approach to communicating with local government.



About Us

We are people, just like you, that want to make our neighborhood a better place to live, work, relax, and belong. Anyone, aged 16 and older, can become a NWNC member as long as they are a resident or own real property or own a business within our neighborhood boundaries. Voting rights are given and maintained by attending any two meetings in a twelve-month period.

Neighborhood Boundaries

North: City limits from Spokane River to Nine Mile Road; Nine Mile Road from City limits to Francis Avenue; Francis Avenue from Nine Mile Road to Ash Street. East: Ash Street from Francis Avenue to Wellesley Avenue. South: Wellesley Avenue from Ash Street to City limits adjacent Spokane River. West: City limits adjacent Spokane River from Wellesley Avenue to northern City limits.

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